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We are proud to present You the great opportunity of business for sale in all locations all over the world. In this website all clients are able to select and look forward to business for sale, partnership or investment in Africa continent. Whereas, browse the list of countries and choose Africa. Moreover, the refinement of Your search (advanced search) leads every custom to much better results. Mark any country in Your location or abroad in order to find investors, list Your business for sale and connect with similar companies as well.

Population of the continent : 1,1 billion (2013, source - Population of the World)
Number of the countries (by 2015) : 55

Major business centers : Johannesburg, Nairobi, Tunis, Accra, Cairo, Lagos
Main economic industries : trade, agriculture, mining and drilling, manufacturing, energy, investments and banking, tourism

African continent is rich of natural resources, but a big number of continent’s population has low living standards. According to World Bank most African countries may reach “middle income” status by 2025 if the present economic growth remains the same. At the moment it is a fastest growing continent of the world.

By using our website You may buy the new one or an already made business for sale that is a one of the included parts of operating economic industries for an attractive price and start commercial activity by purchasing a company (limited liability company or other legal form enterprise) as well as provide services or sell manufactured production in the internal African market.

Alongside the running businesses for sale related with the major economic sectors of the continent You may use the opportunity to invest into other running promising economic activities that are so popular among the local people. In major business cities of Africa You can meet operating worldwide known franchise companies. Also are available local franchise enterprises for sale You may purchase and thus develop selected business activity. Becoming an owner of a company You may hire local employees, also be engaged in import-export relations and commercial activities, for e.g., buy useful raw materials, sell processed or manufactured production, provide a large scale of possible services, participate in business and social programs by contributing necessary capital investments, to be a main participant in developing various progressive technological projects.

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Ebensco enterprises

FOR SALE Country: Ghana Read more


INVESTOR Willing to invest: from 0.00 USD to 0.00 USD Country: Botswana Read more
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Pivotal Development and Consultancy

FOR SALE Price: 0.00 USD Country: Botswana Read more Print Service

Poma Investment

INVESTOR Willing to invest: from 0.00 USD to 0.00 USD Country: Botswana Read more


INVESTOR Willing to invest: from 0.00 USD to 0.00 USD Country: Cameroon Read more

boman brokering services

FOR SALE Country: Sudan Read more

National traders

FOR SALE PARTNERSHIP Price: 50000.00 EUR Country: Libya Read more 3291 Abrasive Products

the most awesome company

PARTNERSHIP Country: Algeria Read more

clikpoland alg

INVESTOR Willing to invest: from 0.00 USD to 0.00 USD Country: Algeria Read more
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